Danube Wetlands and flood plains Restoration through systemic, community engaged and sustainable innovative actions

About the project

DaWetRest project is focused on revitalizing the Danube basin’s inland and coastal wetlands, addressing challenges in four key areas: biodiversity, water quality, climate resilience, and socioeconomic benefits for local communities.

Years (2023-2027)
EU Contribution


With 3 demonstration sites and a diverse and committed consortium, DaWetRest is poised to drive significant change in the Danube region, involving and learning from local communities.

Mission Ocean Objectives supported by DaWetRest

Protect and restore marine and freshwater ecosystems
and biodiversity

Prevent and eliminate pollution of our ocean, seas and waters

Make the blue economy
carbon-neutral and

About the Mission

Under the Horizon Europe programme, ‘Restore Our Ocean & Waters by 2030’ Mission
is designed to restore thehealth our ocean and waters by:

  • Protecting and restoring marine and freshwater biodiversity and ecosystems;
  • Eliminating pollution;
  • Making the blue economy carbon-neutral and circular