Lower Danube Demo -Stakeholder’s meeting

On April 25th, The Natural History Museum “Srebarna” hosted a stakeholder meeting on the Lower Danube demonstrator. The meeting brought together all project representatives’ partners and municipalities from the demonstrator, to discuss the tasks and benefits of the project, and to explore the potential for active cooperation.

The meeting was handled by RIEW-Ruse, ADRM, and RUNI, involving 18 project representatives from the Lower Danube DEMO (CAWRI-BAS, RUNI, RIEW-Ruse, ADRM and Scortel) and 15 representatives from local authorities, state institutions, and other stakeholders, demonstrating the interest and commitment to the project’s success. 

The Mayor of Tutrakan Municipality, a member of the Management Board of ADRM and an associated partner of DaWetRest, alongside the Chairman of the Municipal Council in Silistra inaugurated the meeting and CAWRI-BAS, RUNI, and Scortel, presented the project’s ambitious and tasks, highlighting its innovation potential as well as a comprehensive plan for implementing activities in the pilot sites.  

Ekaterina Batchvarova, DaWetRest’s project coordinator, presenting the project’s goals.
RUNI – ‘Angel Kanchev’ University of Ruse.
RIEW-RUSE – Regional Environment and Water Inspectorate – Ruse.
Scortel Ltd.

During the meeting the stakeholders assessed the project’s possibilities and prospects, providing valuable insights into the current state of the protected area. This feedback will be instrumental to adjust the project’s approach to meet the needs and expectations of all involved parties. 

Discussion and networking moment with the local stakeholders.

On April 26th, a field visit of Lake Srebarna was conducted, followed by other visits to two pilot sites: Garvanovo Marshes and Malak Preslavets Marsh. During these visits, observation points were marked, and access possibilities were reviewed, in accordance with the observation plan. 

Srebarna Lake.
Garvanovo Marshes.
Malak Preslavets Marshes.

DaWetRest project continues to demonstrate a strong commitment to environmental restoration and sustainable development in the Lower Danube region. The active engagement and cooperation of local stakeholders and governance bodies are pivotal to its success, and the outcomes of this meeting indicate a positive step forward in achieving the project’s goals. 

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