ADRM – Association of Danube River Municipalities

ADRM is an organization of 34 local authorities in the Danube region of Bulgaria with a strong Danubian identity; it represents the interest of the member municipalities and the region. It engages in the following policy areas: i) transport and energy, ii) competitiveness, iii) adaptation to climate change and prevention and management of the risks, iv) environmental protection and efficient use of the resources and v) tourism. ADRM represents key stakeholders in the area of coastal environmental protection and city-river interactions. It also has a specific expertise, ADRM authored research, strategy, and policy documents in the areas of integrated coastal development and on research and innovation.  It is a focal point for collaboration of key stakeholders in the spheres of the integrated special development, green and digital transition and good governance. DaWetRest implementation is in fulfilment of ADRM Vision 2030 – to support member municipalities and the region for economic development, based on the potential of Danube. It will showcase collaboration with key stakeholders in implementation of innovative solutions (technological, social, business) to the challenges of Danube ecosystems conservation and restoration, water protection and transition to low carbon blue economy that the coastal authorities and communities face.