RIEW-Ruse – Regional Environment and Water Inspectorate – Ruse

The Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Waters – Ruse is a regional division – a subordinate entity – of the Ministry of Environment and Waters of The Republic of Bulgaria, for the provinces of Razgrad, Ruse and Silistra. It is a state agency that is responsible for the enforcement of ecological and environment and nature protection legislation as also management of protected areas. The inspectorate is also responsible for the control and application of the regulations of the national Protected Areas Act in protected areas other than those exclusive state property.
As the territorial scope of the inspectorate includes a 165 km section of the right bank of the Danube River, some of the river islands and all of the former and present floodplains along the section, wetland restoration and management are an important theme in the work of the agency. Through its participation in the DaWetRest project RIEW-Ruse hopes to achieve and acquire significant improvement of the ways those areas are managed and the available technology.