RUNI – ‘Angel Kanchev’ University of Ruse

University of Ruse “Angel Kanchev”, Bulgaria (RUNI) is an accredited state-funded higher education institution, established in 1945, with around 8,000 students and over 350 highly qualified lecturers. It is among the 10 largest universities in Bulgaria and is the largest Bulgarian multi-profile university along the Danube River. The university has extremely strong positions and significant influence in the Bulgarian – Romanian cross-border region along the Danube and in the entire Danube Region.
The broad research profile of the University provides opportunities for research and innovation in the most advanced scientific areas, as well as for participation in thematic networks and authorship developments of key importance for the economy of knowledge on a national and international scale. As part of DaWetRest project, the University of Ruse will work on the restoration and conservation of wetlands along the Danube River and this way will contribute to the long-term protection of natural and cultural heritage of this area.