SCORTEL – Scortel Ltd.

Scortel Ltd., Bulgarian SME founded in 1992, provides equipment and communication services, software system integration, engineering and consulting services for mobile satellite communications, transport fleet management systems and ITS, marine information systems, maritime navigation, and communication. We are actively engaged in projects related to the monitoring of the condition and protection of the environment in the coastal territories (sea and river), including in the Bulgarian section of the Danube River. The accumulated experience encouraged us to join the DaWetRest project, as we believe that this will give us the opportunity to expand our own competences and capabilities. Our participation in the restoration and protection of wetlands through DaWetRest represents for us an excellent opportunity to contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and to combating climate change through the application of already established and the development of new innovative solutions to control and manage the condition of wetlands zones. We hope DaWetRest’s long-term legacy for the Danube River and the communities it serves will include advanced models and tools for monitoring and predicting the behaviour of wetlands, as well as models and tools for managing these areas considering the characteristics and interests of communities, which are related to them. SCORTEL will make maximum efforts to achieve the goals of the project.