SRU-ODRA – SRU Odra Velika Gorica

Sport fishing association Odra Velika Gorica is the largest association in this region with over 700 members and a fishing area of ​​550 hectares. The association deals with the promotion and development of sports fishing and the organization of sports competitions, as well as the education of young people in terms of environmental protection and the protection of flora and fauna in and around the water. Also, the association carries out stocking of its waters, and our long-standing wish is to start the production of our own juvenile fish, both for stocking needs and for a long-term positive impact on the environment through the cultivation of indigenous fish species in the fishing zone of the Sava River. Through DaWetRest project, we saw the possibility of developing and working out that idea and its application to a much larger ecological system – Danube River. The emphasis of the entire project is on its restoration, and we believe that there is no better contribution to that idea than the repopulation of indigenous species of fish and their positive effect on the wetland ecosystem. Since our waters are part of a protected area, in the long term, we intend to actively apply the examples of good practice carried out during the project on our own waters, which will have a positive effect on the Sava River, which is again part of the Danube basin.