UPB – University Politehnica of Bucharest

UPB includes today 15 faculties, one of them is Faculty of Transport which a unique faculty in Romania focused on transport studies. The faculty has four departments: Transport, Traffic and Logistics; Automotive Engineering; Telematics and Electronics for Transport and Railway Vehicles.
UPB had approximative 30.000 students in academic year 2020/2021, included within one of the three studying cycles. Starting from academic year 2005/2006 the study programmes are consistent with the Bologna process. The scientific commitment is confirmed by the graduation of the third cycle, namely that of a PhD Degree, with the length of 3 years (organised in 14 doctoral schools in 19 scientific fields). The strong human resources development for support of scientific research in UPB has been accompanied by a massive research infrastructure, consists of 55 research centres in faculties and two research institutes: CAMPUS – Centre for Advanced Research on Innovative Materials, Products and Processes with 41 laboratories and Research Infrastructure for the Development of Smart Innovative Products, Processes and Services PRECIS with 28 laboratories, where fundamental and innovative research are conducted through collaboration established at institutional level among teams of excellence specialists. The participation of UPB in DaWetRest is most focused on data acquisition and monitoring technologies and could be a real opportunity for our team to test technologies applied in various environments as well as in nature monitoring systems.