Danube Delta


Main DEMO location

Danube Delta – Ramsar Wetland; part of UNESCO World Heritage Sites; part of UNESCO Programme on Man and the Biosphere; marked as Biosphere Reserve since 1998.

Pilot locations

Caraorman Lake to restore local ecosystems
Black Sea Coastal Cord area
Sărături Murighiol Lake

Sibling locations

Prut tributary
Lower Prut Floodplain
Roșu-Puiu lake complex
Olt-Danube Confluence
Lake Călărași – Srebarna
Bistret – Ibisha Island
Lake Călărași – Srebarna and Suhaia – Belene Islands Complex
Stipoc Fish Pond
Murighiol Fish Pond
Dranov Fish Pond
Buhazul Mare Channel
Nuntași Lake- Salt Marshes
Lake Velence




  • During last years the lakes of Sărături – Murighiol became dried and the bird’s colonies and habitats were lost.
  • The protection of discrete spatial areas such as salt-marshes can be present through a vertical connectivity by making the connection with the surface aquifer, being a challenge for the conservation of specific species.
  • Such species can widely use disparate habitats and are vulnerable to anthropogenic impacts, which require both spatial and temporal considerations in planning and management.
  • The restoration of the vertical connectivity and the water circulation in the Sărături – Murighiol fish pond will be done based on the result from the hydraulic model.

Innovative Solutions

Combined remote sensing, hydraulic modelling and in-situ monitoring
Reed management and monitoring for improved carbon sequestration
Improvement of hydrological conditions in lakes & salt marshes
Improved Recirculating Aquaculture System for fish farming solutions