Lower Danube


Main DEMO location

Kalimok-Brashlen – Natura 2000 Site of Community Importance (SCI); Special Area of Conservation (SAC) in Bulgaria.

Pilot locations
Maluk Preslavets marsh
Garvanski marshes
Managed Reserve Srebarna

Sibling locations
Ropotamo complex
Atanasovsko Lake
Mostistea Lake




  • Insufficient research, ecological management and monitoring capacities, which results in lack of data on the initial ecological conditions (water balance and cycles, climate patterns, water quality, water discharge and water velocity measurements, vegetation, soil, climate etc.);
  • Anthropogenic pressures and environmental interventions, e.g., regulation of the river bed through dykes’ and canals’ construction, which significantly decreased the size of the wetlands and negatively affected the area’s biodiversity;
  • Insufficient funding for maintenance and upgrading of the hydrotechnical equipment;
  • Conversion of the wetlands into arable land;
  • Insufficient involvement of the local communities in activities and trainings for nature protection and revitalization;
  • Insufficient efforts (on national level) for floodplain’ restoration based on their importance for the economic life and the society as a whole;
  • Necessity of finding out climate neutral and intelligent scientific, societal and technological solutions for floodplain restoration.

Innovative Solutions

Automated Operation of Locks
Ponton power generator
Intelligent Monitoring